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After filling out the free assessment form and having your options defined, a free consultation with us will help jumpstart your application process to come to Canada. Our core value and strength is our customer service; from this, we strive to work with you to prepare a roadmap to bringing you to Canada, and this includes completing and submitting a completed application, and also providing you with a myriad of services to help you throughout the application process and there after to get settled in Canada once you arrive. Start Here

Step 3: Find Your Immigration Plan

Immigration to Canada can be a long and complex process, so after determining what qualifications you possess, we will try to find the immigration plan that is tailored to your specific needs and strengths and that it will give you the best chance at succeeding in this immigration process. Start Here

Step 4: Consult Our Professionals

Consulting with us is very simple and straight forward. Your successful immigration is a top priority for us and we are available to consult however many times you need to feel comfortable with the process. Our professionals are available to help you, no matter what your immigration needs. Contact

About Us

We, Explore Canada Immigration Services Inc., are fully licensed and qualified as required by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), which is the primary governing body for the Immigration industry in Canada. We are professional, reliable and competent as well as client and result oriented immigration consulting firm based in the city of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. With the ultimate integrity and highest degree of professionalism, we provide comprehensive and efficient immigration services to all our respected clients around the world.

Why Us?

At Explore Canada Immigration Services Inc., we will determine the most appropriate immigration category for you, prepare, perfect and submit your application for this program. We will be your direct contact with IRCC within Canada or Visa offices abroad and any other official authorities concerned with any immigration related matters, and will prepare for your personal interview and track your application until completion. Once you obtain your permanent resident card, we will help you settle, work and invest in Canada, and continue to be of assistance to you while starting your new life in Canada. With extensive knowledge and wide experience in immigration matters and country-wide settlement, our company and staff will partner with you to provide you with friendly, reliable and professional services at all times.

Why Choose Our Services?

  1. We offer highly professional and excellent services in the area of immigration, settlement and financial matters.
  2. We are well-experienced in a wide variety of immigration matters.
  3. Our fees are very competitive and our charges are hourly based.
  4. We are 100% Canadian owned. Because we are in the same Time Zone as Immigration Canada, as well as Canadian employers, universities, language schools, etc., we are usually faster and more effective than overseas agents, which means disbursement charges would be less and response or processing times could be faster.
  5. We can certify documents and declarations quickly and cheaper since we have close contacts.
  6. You only deal with registered representatives of Explore Canada Immigration Services who are fully dedicated to serve you better.
  7. We have a vast amount of knowledge to help you settle, work and invest in Canada.